Foto/Industria 2019: IV Biennial of Photography on Industry and Work

Foto/Industria is the world’s first Biennale devoted to photography relating to industry and work: it takes place in Bologna from 24 October to 24 November 2019.

Technosphere: Humankind and the Built Environment

The central theme of Foto/Industria 2019 is the built environment: a crucial element intimately rooted in the nature of the human species, explored here from every angle, from its historic and philosophical roots to its inevitable scientific implications.

It is this activity which has given rise to the technosphere: the whole set of structures that humans have built to ensure their survival on the planet. Weighing an estimated trillion tons, this artificial layer over the earth’s crust was defined as the Technosphere by Peter Haff.

The photographers

In Foto/Industria 2019, works by celebrated names in the history of photography — such as Albert Renger-Patzsch and André Kertész, whose images are now part of a shared iconic heritage — are featured alongside those of great contemporary Italian and international artists like Luigi Ghirri, Lisetta Carmi, Armin Linke and David Claerbout, and young internationally established photographers such as Matthieu Gafsou, Stephanie Syjuco, Yosuke Bandai and Delio Jasse.

Fondazione MAST

Fondazione MAST is an international, cultural and philanthropic institution based on Technology, Art and Innovation.

Founded in Bologna in 2013, the Foundation aims to promote projects that leverage identity and creativity in order to develop new ideas and create new connections.