Project Flores de Begoña / De Lirio: preserving Presa Allende

Presa Allende, located within the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, faces a critical issue: the invasion of the Water Hyacinth, threatening both the local ecosystem and the livelihoods of the community, especially the fishermen.

With approximately 1,000 inhabitants, Presa Allende once thrived as a source of income through fishing and recreational activities. However, due to pollutants and the impacts of climate change, the once flourishing lake has succumbed to the invasive Water Hyacinth, devastating the local economy.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Ayzoh! steps in as a pivotal force in addressing and publicizing this pressing issue. Our organization is dedicated to amplifying the voices of the community and shedding light on the solutions needed to combat the Water Hyacinth invasion.

Through comprehensive photo reportage and the publication of detailed reports, Ayzoh! aims to raise awareness not only locally but also on a broader scale.

Ayzoh!’s involvement extends beyond mere documentation; we are committed to facilitating meaningful change. By informing and educating the public, we empower individuals to join the fight against the Water Hyacinth infestation.

Furthermore, Ayzoh! spearheads initiatives to promote water quality improvement, sustainable livelihoods for local fishermen, and innovative solutions for managing the invasive plant.

Our role is not limited to advocacy; it is about catalyzing tangible action. Through collaborative efforts with the community and other stakeholders, Ayzoh! works tirelessly to implement long-term solutions that address the root causes of the issue.

By transforming challenges into opportunities, we strive to create a future where Presa Allende thrives once again as a vibrant ecosystem and a source of sustenance for its inhabitants.