Crafting tomorrow in Ethiopia: the legacy and passion of Afar Textile

From a rich heritage rooted in textile craftsmanship, AFAR was born in the vibrant environment of Addis Ababa. In a laboratory fueled by the passion of local artisans, unique products are meticulously crafted from indigenous materials, embodying a tradition steeped in passion and innovation.

This journey spans four generations of textile expertise, beginning in 1878 with the founding of “Figli di Michelangelo Calamai” in Prato, Italy. Pioneering the use of automatic spinning, the company harnessed the waters of the Bisenzio River to power a groundbreaking hydroelectric turbine. By the 1930s, with 3,000 employees, it was the third largest blanket manufacturer in Europe, revolutionizing the industry by using only recycled wool from rags and old clothes.

Throughout its evolution, the family has been at the forefront of developing innovative textile solutions for sportswear and workwear, fostering collaborative partnerships around the world and sharing over a century of accumulated wisdom.

AFAR was born when a dynamic group of Ethiopian artisans encountered this legacy and saw in its ethos of meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication a path to a brighter future. This ethos has remained the heartbeat of AFAR since its inception.

Combining the time-honored traditions of the Calamai family with the energy of this young Ethiopian team, AFAR embodies a production process defined by painstaking manual labor, patience, and dedication. Each stage of production unfolds under the watchful eye of experienced artisans, ensuring the integrity and excellence of each creation.