Board and team

The Ayzoh! team is made up of twelve professionals and a network of collaborators that spans across all continents. Our team includes photojournalists, filmmakers, writers, artists, designers, printers, programmers, educators, aid workers, social researchers, and explorers of all kinds. We are also grateful for the support of volunteers in each of the countries where we work.


Claudio Maria Lerario
Photography and editorial design

Vice President

Ubaldo Samuelli
Human-centered design and production


Dorin Mihai
Photography and video

Giulia Zhang
Photography and social research

Ayzoh! Ethiopia

Amlaku Yaregal Teshome
Travels and community projects

Lorenzo Fontana

Ayzoh! Burkina Faso

Ombretta Moschella Koné
Community events

Warren Sare
Community photography

Team and collaborators

Irene Aragona

Federica Landi

Massimo Modesti
Community pedagogy

Luca Zanfini

Davide Zin
Fine art printing


Ayzoh! is sponsored by the Municipality of Rimini, which has recognized our commitment to the community projects in which we are involved: initiatives that transcend individuality, connect us to one another and celebrate the sacredness of every human being.