Avere Ubuntu: a photo book made with pinhole cameras (Italian version)

Avere Ubuntu (Having Ubuntu) is a book created by a group of former street children supported by the Belgian organization LUC (Let it Change) in Hawassa, Ethiopia.The work was created in 2014, but was not released internationally until 2020: we waited all this time to protect the children’s personal stories and to wait for almost all of them to reach adulthood.

This is also the reason why we give very few details about their condition and/or the situations they have experienced. Protecting the most vulnerable subjects – and thus avoiding any possible categorization of human beings – is one of the fundamental aspects of Ayzoh!’s work.

The photographs that illustrate “Avere Ubuntu” were taken by the children of LUC (Let Us Change). To create the images in this book, the children of LUC used homemade pinhole cameras. The photos were then developed and printed in an on-site darkroom. The children also chose the images that they felt best represented the place where they live.

The work is the result of a week-long educational workshop organized by Ayzoh! and led by photographers Elisa Amati, Seppe Hendrickx and Claudio Maria Lerario. Antonio Amato, a non-professional photographer but a great enthusiast and promoter of pinhole photography, also participated. He deserves credit for designing a cardboard pinhole camera that is easy to build, even for beginners.

LUC’s Children + Antonio Amato, Claudio Maria Lerario, Elisa Amati, Seppe Hendrickx

Claudio Maria Lerario, Seblewongel Getachew