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Some of Ayzoh! projects are open to photographers, journalists, bloggers, documentary filmmakers, researchers, humanitarian workers, or just ordinary travelers who want to learn (or improve) the narrative process and techniques needed to tell the story of a place and a community, with the support of our professionals.
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Why to travel with Ayzoh!

Each trip is linked to a concrete project with a strong community impact and, in addition to making a very important contribution to the project, you will have the opportunity to live unique experiences that would otherwise be difficult to access.You will also have the chance to experience on the ground what is perhaps the noblest function of photography and reportage: to help inspire social justice, change, peace, unity and hope where such actions are most needed.
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  • August 2024
  • Documentary photography workshop in Omo Valley, Ethiopia
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  • February 2025
  • Whale migration: documentary photography workshop in Baja California, Mexico
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Experience the Omo Valley like never before with Ayzoh! and Baregota Travel

Join us on a truly unique journey, delving into the heart of southwest Ethiopia to live alongside the Hamer, Surma, Karo, and…

La Pasqua Ortodossa in Maramures: workshop di fotografia documentaria

Dal 3 al 7 maggio 2024 La regione rurale del Maramureș è una terra ricca di tesori, sia materiali che intangibili; alcuni…

The Boa Morte Festival: destination photography workshop in Cachoeira

The Boa Morte Festival (the name, meaning “good death”, refers to a good passage from the material to the spiritual world) is…

Filmaking course at the Teatro Galli in Rimini

On the occasion of the art event “The White Space of the Arts”, we held a filmmaking course for the boys and…

Calligraphy course at the Abbey of Monte Giove in Fano – Italy

The Abbey of Monte Giove (Abbazia di Monte Giove) is a historic Benedictine monastery located near Fano, a picturesque coastal town in…

Chinese calligraphy course

Thanks to the cooperation of our friends from the Italy-China Association of San Marino, we held a calligraphy course at their headquarters…

La Fogheraccia: photography and video course in Rimini

Photography and video course for boys and girls of the Einstein High School in Rimini during the traditional event “La Fogheraccia”. “La…