Zouratié Koné at the Lotto Brussels Jazz Weekend (backstage)

A composer, singer, musician and maker of traditional musical instruments, Zouratié Koné is a recognized master of the djembe, dumdum, tama (talking drum), longa, kora, ngoni and balafon.

Raised in an oral culture, this extraordinary musician is familiar with hundreds of different rhythms and musical traditions from the Mandingo region of West Africa; he also has a vast repertoire of songs of his own creation.

He is co-artistic director of the non-profit organization Amu Les Griots — a partner of Ayzoh! — based in Brussels (Belgium) and Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso).

Through a cultural center and a music label (Electro Mandingo Records – Making West African music travels beyond borders), Amu Les Griots works to promote West African arts and cultural heritage.