Organization and business model

Ayzoh! is a non-profit social enterprise, independent and fully controlled by its members. We are based in Rimini and operate locally, nationally and internationally.

Ayzoh! is multidisciplinary

In addition to the professionals working in the field – photographers, documentary filmmakers and social researchers – Ayzoh! has an editorial laboratory and a design studio that can meet all the needs of modern communication and follow all types of projects from the initial idea to the final product.

Our visual storytellers – supported by our team of social researchers and a network of collaborators active in many areas of the world – are used to working in extremely difficult conditions and have the credibility to deal with sensitive and complex social issues.

Our designers then uses the most appropriate techniques and tools (print, web, video, multimedia installations or live events), depending on the needs of each specific project, to transform the work done in the field into products and/or initiatives with a strong social impact.

Business model

To support our mission, we have adopted a hybrid nonprofit/profit model that allows us to fund social projects that benefit the most marginalized communities – always at no cost to the beneficiaries – without relying on public or private donations.

This allows us to defend our independence, keep our administrative costs low, choose our supporters carefully, remain objective, and avoid any conflict of interest that could affect our work or distract us from our focus. Ayzoh! is therefore primarily funded by:

  • services and products – such as editorial projects and commissioned photojournalism, videos and documentaries, trips and workshops, books and collectible prints – offered on the market like any other small business;
  • newsletter and magazine subscriptions;
  • two crowdfunding campaigns a year, in which we always offer something of value in exchange for the contributions we receive, derived from projects in the field and produced in-house.