The power
to share beauty

Empowering communities through participative photography, design, and publishing.
Our mission
What we do
Through visual storytelling, design, and publishing, we create powerful tools for social innovation in small, marginalized communities. Through our work, we empower ideas, develop projects, and advocate for those typically ignored by mainstream media.
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The organization
Business model
Ayzoh! is a non-profit social enterprise. We are based in Rimini, Italy. We meet all the needs of modern communication and follow all types of projects from the initial idea to the final product.
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Code of ethics
Seven simple rules
We only work on projects that help sow unity and not division, cooperation and not competition, dialog and not discussion, diversity and not homologation, innovation and not the status quo;
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The origins of Ayzoh!
Our story
The idea for Ayzoh! was born in 2008 in Acupé – a quilombo on the banks of the Rio Paraguaçu in the state of Bahia, Brazil – by photographer Claudio Maria Lerario.
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The words of Ayzoh!
Three key concepts
Given the complexity of the issues we are addressing, we feel the need to clarify some of the key concepts of Ayzoh! in order to leave no doubt about our worldview and the direction our work has taken since the organization’s inception.
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Our people
Board and team
The Ayzoh! team is made up of twelve professionals and a network of collaborators that spans across all continents.
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