La Fogheraccia: photography and video course in Rimini

Photography and video course for boys and girls of the Einstein High School in Rimini during the traditional event “La Fogheraccia”.

“La fogheraccia” of Rimini refers to a traditional event held in Rimini, a city located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. This event typically takes place on the night of January 16th, during the festivities of the feast of San Antonio Abate (Saint Anthony the Abbot), who is the patron saint of animals.

During “La fogheraccia,” people gather to celebrate and light bonfires. The bonfires are often built with wooden materials collected from the local area, and they are set ablaze to provide warmth and light. This tradition is linked to the rural and agricultural heritage of the region and is seen as a way to mark the end of winter and welcome the coming of spring.

The celebration also involves various customs related to the blessing of animals. It is common for people to bring their pets, such as dogs, cats, and horses, to be blessed by the local priest during this event. This ritual is believed to protect the animals and ensure their well-being throughout the year.

Overall, “La fogheraccia” is a cultural and religious event that brings together the community of Rimini to honor their patron saint and to celebrate the bond between humans and animals in the context of local traditions.