The Energy of Women: remembering Angela, the one who inspired Ayzoh!

The inception of Ayzoh! traces back to 2008, amidst the vibrant community of a quilombo nestled along the banks of the Rio Paraguaçu in Bahia, Brazil. It was during this time that the seed of an idea took root within me — to harness years of experience and expertise and channel it into a socially impactful endeavor. Recognizing the inherent value of their causes and the urgency of their voices, I envisioned a transformative platform for those whose narratives often went unheard due to a lack of quality communication resources.

From this vision emerged an international collective of image professionals — a nomadic alliance, akin to a “dream team”, dedicated to amplifying the stories of marginalized communities through the power of visual storytelling and editorial design. What began as a spark of inspiration amidst the rich tapestry of Bahia’s quilombo communities soon flourished into a multitude of completed projects, each embodying the ethos and mission of Ayzoh! that persists to this day.

Angela’s pivotal role in the genesis of Ayzoh! cannot be overstated. Without her unwavering support and boundless creativity, the realization of this vision would have remained a distant dream. Angela Altieri McDonald, a force of nature and a beacon of inspiration, breathed life into our aspirations, infusing them with purpose and passion.

As March 8th approaches, a day that holds special significance in celebrating the achievements of women worldwide, we pause to honor Angela’s memory. In lieu of elaborate prose (for she would have preferred none), we commemorate her legacy with a video tribute filmed in the heart of Brazil, a testament to her enduring impact on our collective journey.