Code of ethics

1. we only work on projects that help sow unity and not division, cooperation and not competition, dialog and not discussion, diversity and not homologation, innovation and not the status quo;

2. every project is important: even if our services are completely free for those who benefit from them, the end result must always be of the highest possible quality;

3. we work only at the explicit invitation of the communities involved and always in close collaboration with their members: we do not believe in projects that are imposed from above;

4. we always try to keep our distance from a certain narrative style – based on pietism and paternalism – typical of many social or “humanitarian” projects;

5. we refuse to enter into any relationship that could lead to a bond of dependency, economic or otherwise, with the people who use our services: our support is only temporary and measured by tangible and truly achievable goals;

6.we support projects because they are based on a good idea that we are passionate about and believe in, not because people or communities are “in need”.

7. our work avoids any ideology of identity and the dichotomy of “us versus them”: every project signed by Ayzoh! should be seen as an act of resistance to evoke, (re)discover and affirm our common humanity.