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By supporting a team of experienced professionals – photographers, designers, artists, social researchers, and explorers of all kinds – you will help us break down barriers, solve critical problems, and create opportunities in difficult and sensitive contexts. Every cent of your donation directly fuels our fieldwork.

Why to support Ayzoh!

By supporting Ayzoh!, you stand with those usually ignored by mainstream media. Together, we strengthen projects in problem areas, democratize knowledge, and create new opportunities where they're most needed." Your support helps recall our common humanity and affirm the meaning of existence. It preserves cultural identities threatened by global homogenization processes. Furthermore, you aid small, marginalized communities in spreading their aspirations for social justice and peace. Your contribution makes a tangible difference in their lives.

Help us to remain independent

Ayzoh! operates independently, devoid of external subsidies, making each project a formidable challenge. Yet, equipped with experience and determination, we've triumphed in every initiative since 2008. Our success owes much to the trust and support of those who value our work. It's not merely about endurance or going solo; our strength emanates from the depth of our relationships. This ethos permeates every photograph we capture and every word we pen. Our creations aim to foster genuine, liberating, and enduring connections. When you support our mission, you're investing in this profound bond.

Touching hearts

At Ayzoh!, our projects not only deliver vital support to underserved communities but also yield something truly beautiful. What defines a remarkable project? Is it the innovative ideas, captivating photographs, compelling writing, or polished design? Certainly, these elements contribute. However, the true measure of a project lies in its ability to touch people's hearts deeply. We pledge to do just that: to resonate with your heart. Join us in creating meaningful change and inspiring connections.

What they say

A2030 Social Innovation Designers
Ayzoh! is an exemplary model of a not-for-profit organization that –employing expertise from the for-profit sector – keeps well away from subsidiarity. In contrast to all that is written in the economic sustainability section of projects based on the support of public funds, at Ayzoh! the concept of project economic sustainability is perfectly clear from the outset. This approach a priori restores dignity not only to those identified as beneficiaries, but to the entire not-for-profit sector. Thank you for making a real revolution in our sector possible!