What we do

We use community photography, visual storytelling, design, and publishing (print, digital, web, multimedia), to create and produce powerful tools for social innovation in small, marginalized communities. Through our work, we empower ideas, develop projects, and advocate for those typically ignored by mainstream media.

Who we work with

We work with (not for) small marginalized communities, underrepresented people groups, and local organizations that – despite adverse conditions (social, political, economic, environmental) – are committed to creating value, awareness, equity, knowledge, and shared beauty.

We are particularly interested in supporting initiatives that benefit the community in which they are implemented, but also provide inspiration on a broader level.

Custom works

Beside our non-profit projects, Ayzoh! collaborates, creates win-win co-marketing operations and produces commissioned editorial projects with companies, public institutions, agencies and organizations around the world.

For them, we create reports and narrative tools – traditional, digital or interactive – useful to generate interest in a particular cause or to promote initiatives that have real social value.

We are a small team – often on the road – and are fortunate to be able to choose our clients. We accept only a few commissions each year, prioritizing projects that reflect our vision and have the potential to convey a message that goes beyond simply satisfying the audience or client.

A large portion (75-80%) of the income from commissioned work goes to fund our community service projects, which are completely free to the beneficiaries. In practice, our clients themselves become social investors and shareholders in Ayzoh!

With whom we collaborated

Ayzoh! professonals have collectively produced more than 200 books, countless reports and photo shoots, dozens of online publications and multimedia events, and more than 50 video documentaries.

They have worked on all the continents of the world and have created projects for (among others): Ricordi, Prada, Simrad, Medusa Films, Cooperazione Italiana Internazionale, Gucci, Unipol Group, Dolce & Gabbana, Navimeteo, Mondadori, Ethiopian Airlines, Leo Burnett, Migrazioni, Deutsche Bank, Gruppo Ugo Mursia Editore, Lufthansa, Condé Nast Group, Christiania Bank (Nordea), Unione Europea, Norwegian National Museum, Greenpeace, Nazioni Unite (ONU), Unesco and two Royal Houses (England and Norway).