Tesfa for Progetto Continenti

Progetto Continenti is a non-profit, Christian-inspired, universal and inclusive association founded in 1989 with the aim of creating the conditions for a “new world” that is not only possible but increasingly necessary today, based on solidarity, participation and sharing.

For more than 30 years, we have been working in contexts characterized by poverty, marginalization and socio-political fragility, through an approach based on the self-development of peoples, partnership with local organizations and the long-term sustainability of actions.

The Association is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a body authorized to work in the field of international cooperation in developing countries and to operate in Italy in the field of global citizenship education.

Its commitment in the world has resulted, in 30 years of activity, in more than 160 development projects, mainly in Central America (Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador), in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam) and in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia).

All the projects of solidarity and international development cooperation are characterized by the primary objective of promoting, in partnership with local associations, cooperatives and churches, the social, cultural and economic development of the most impoverished communities and those in conditions of extreme vulnerability, in order to contribute to the processes of justice and socio-economic integration.