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Some of Ayzoh! projects are open to photographers, journalists, bloggers, documentary filmmakers, researchers, humanitarian workers, or just ordinary travelers who want to learn (or improve) the narrative process and techniques needed to tell the story of a place and a community, with the support of our professionals. Each trip is linked to a concrete project with a strong community impact, and 100% of your contribution goes directly to support the project in which you participate. During these trips, in addition to making a very important contribution to the project, you will have the opportunity to live unique experiences that would otherwise be difficult to access. You will also have the chance to experience on the ground what is perhaps the noblest function of photography and reportage: to help inspire social justice, change, peace, unity and hope where such actions are most needed.
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La Pasqua Ortodossa in Maramures: workshop di fotografia documentaria

Dal 3 al 7 maggio 2024 La regione rurale del Maramureș è una terra ricca di tesori, sia materiali che intangibili; alcuni…

Travel in Ethiopia with Ayzoh! and Baregota Travel

Baregora Travel & Tour — the Ayzoh!'s tour operator in Ethiopia — is one of the leading sustainable tourism travel companies in the country. We pride ourselves on incorporating the principles of community empowerment and sustainable development into the way we provide travelers with authentic, real-world experiences. We infuse all of our tours with environmental and social value, foster long-term relationships with local communities, offer meaningful cultural exchanges, ensure that your stay supports businesses that treat their people well, ensure fair employment of local guides, and provide additional investment in the economic development of destination regions.
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