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Ayzoh!’s travels are designed for all those who wish to learn the process required for catching the spirit of a place and a community: photographers, journalists, bloggers, documentary makers, humanitarian operators, researchers, or simple travelers.

Please, note: due to the pandemic, our international travels will resume in December 2021. The new programs will be released in September.

About our travels

Ayzoh!’s tours are not focused on using equipment or on the creation of “beautiful” photographs. And they are not about visiting “enchanting” places for stealing casual images of more or less “exotic” subjects.

Instead, these travels are all about collaborating with the communities that host us, letting oneself be led through the contradictions of their human experience, and, also, measuring oneself against the limits imposed by an actual editorial project.

In fact, during these trips, each participant learns the techniques necessary to create a complete story ― based on the evocative power of the images and the coherence of the content ― designed to achieve a specific result and ready to be shared with its target audience.


Ayzoh’s photographic trips and participatory reportages take place on all continents. Whatever the destination, we always operate in areas known to our photographers (and/or local contributors), and we always collaborate with the communities that host us.


For overnight stays, we always use structures that must meet our ethical criteria, respect the various cultural identities, and bring a real benefit to the places where they are implemented. For travel, we use the most suitable means for the area and purpose of the reportage: cars, 4×4 off-road vehicles, public transport, sailing boats, etc. We walk a lot.

What you need for participating

All you need is an open mind, a strong spirit of adaptation, a camera (of any kind), a laptop (recommended but not essential), a pen, a notebook, and ― above all ― a lot of genuine curiosity for the communities that host us.
What is Ayzoh! World

Ayzoh! World is a global platform that tells and connects the stories of people who — worldwide — build a genuine sense of community through arts, culture, education, sciences, technology, activism, and entrepreneurship.

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About Ayzoh!

Ayzoh! is a media organization that works alongside those who aim to create unity and not division, cooperation and not competition, dialogue and not argument, diversity and not homologation, innovation and not status quo.

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