Be a social investor

Support Ayzoh! 100% of your donation goes directly to our projects benefitting small, marginalized communities.

What it means to be a supporter of Ayzoh!

Whether it is standing with those who are usually ignored by the mainstream media, strengthening the projects of those living in problem areas, democratizing knowledge, creating new opportunities where they are most needed, evoking our common humanity, affirming the meaning of existence, preserving cultural identities threatened by the homogenization processes taking place all over the world, helping small, marginalized communities spread their aspirations for social justice and peace. Supporting a team of experienced professionals – photographers, designers, artists, social researchers and explorers of all kinds… fearless but realistic – you will help us break down walls, solve critical problems and create opportunities in difficult and sensitive contexts. Your contribution will be used immediately to support the goals you care about. Every successful project will be thanks to you.

Genuine, long-lasting relationships

Ayzoh! is an independent organization and is not subsidized by any entity: each project therefore becomes an ambitious and difficult challenge. We are equipped for this and have successfully completed all the initiatives we have been involved in since 2008. This has also been made possible by the closeness and trust of those who appreciate our work. Because, you know, this is not just about endurance, stoicism or going it alone: much of our strength comes from the quality of our relationships. This approach is reflected in every photograph we take, every word we write. …. Everything we produce is about creating authentic, free, enriching and lasting relationships. This is what you will find when you support our mission.

Let's spread beauty and strength

The projects of Ayzoh! – and what comes out of them – besides having a recognized social benefit… are beautiful! But, what makes a project great? The ideas. The images. The writing. The design. The quality of the production. Sure. But, above all, the value of a project is how well it captures people’s hearts. We promise: we will capture your heart, too.

Help revolutionize the not-for-profit sector

Ayzoh! is proudly free from any kind of economic, political, religious or ideological conditioning. We designed it to always put the real needs of the people and communities we work with first. Your support helps us to remain whole and independent of any conglomerate, person, company, institution, charity or foundation.

What they say

A2030 Social Innovation Designers
Ayzoh! is an exemplary model of a not-for-profit organization that –employing expertise from the for-profit sector – keeps well away from subsidiarity. In contrast to all that is written in the economic sustainability section of projects based on the support of public funds, at Ayzoh! the concept of project economic sustainability is perfectly clear from the outset. This approach a priori restores dignity not only to those identified as beneficiaries, but to the entire not-for-profit sector. Thank you for making a real revolution in our sector possible!