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Our workshops are designed to meet the needs of those involved in humanitarian and social communication projects. These workshops address all the issues ― ethical, practical, and technical ― typical of every editorial or human-centered design project that aims to achieve a specific result in the field of social innovation.

About the workshops

In Ayzoh!’s workshops the participants learn the techniques necessary to create ― with reduced budgets and equipment accessible to all ― narrative projects helpful in supporting a particular cause, to promote an idea, or simply to give a definite shape to social or cultural requests.

Starting from the photographic story, each workshop revolves around creating an actual publication ― documentary, journalistic, or conceptual ― ready to be distributed and shared with its target audience.

Depending on the project’s needs, the preparation of the participants, and the budget available, this publication may be online, digital, printed, or multimedia.

All the workshops are customizable and are structured to offer practical solutions to the real needs of the participants. It is, in fact, possible to combine the didactic part with the realization of a finished project that has a concrete use for the organization itself.

Combination of workshops, trips, and social projects

For years we have been actively engaged in supporting the needs of some small communities made particularly vulnerable by the processes of financial Darwinism taking place all over the world. On some occasions, these projects are combined with photographic journeys and editorial workshops open to those who want to deepen the use of visual storytelling to enhance the great wealth of knowledge and skills of the intangible cultural heritage of these communities.

Why you should participate

You can offer a significant contribution and live experiences otherwise tricky to access. They also have the opportunity to experience, directly in the field, what is perhaps the noblest function of visual storytelling: to help inspire social justice, change, peace, unity, and hope where such actions are most needed and in a practical way.

Necessary equipment

Ayzoh!’s workshops are “technically agnostic”. Our instructors know how to adapt to the experience and equipment of the participants for pushing them to create the best possible product with the means and resources available. Indeed, if possible, it would be better to use high-end equipment. Still, any technical limitations never prevent us from fully developing the entire narrative process to create a quality product suitable for its purpose.

What is Ayzoh! World

Ayzoh! World is a global platform that tells and connects the stories of people who — worldwide — build a genuine sense of community through arts, culture, education, sciences, technology, activism, and entrepreneurship.

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About Ayzoh!

Ayzoh! is a media organization that works alongside those who aim to create unity and not division, cooperation and not competition, dialogue and not argument, diversity and not homologation, innovation and not status quo.

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