What language is the newsletter in?


We have two versions: English and Italian. After clicking on “Subscribe / Sign up” you can choose the version you prefer.

Why is there no paywall?


We believe in making our work accessible to the widest possible audience, so our articles and stories are free for anyone to read.

What are my payment options?


Transactions are processed by Stripe, which accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and other major credit cards.

Is it easy to cancel my membership?


Yes. Memberships auto-renew either monthly or yearly, but can be cancelled at any time. Members can log in here to manage their subscription and cancel their membership. Or contact us and we’ll take care of it.

What content do we publish and when?


At least once a month, we publish long-form content: multimedia reports that are the result of our projects in the field.

Then the site is continuously enriched with short or very short stories: photo-epigrams where images by Ayzoh! photographers travel together with words written by artists, humanists, scientists and changemakers of all times (famous, emerging or totally unknown).

These stories are the result of an alchemy of languages in which documentary photography and reportage merge with literature, poetry, history, neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, philosophy.

Note 1. We often work in areas of the world where Internet connectivity is somewhat problematic. But wherever we are, we will try to publish subscriber-only stories at least once a month. In any case, there will never be less than 12 per year.

Note 2. Plus and Premium subscribers will receive the digital version of the magazine every three months. Discounts on products available in the store and all subscriber benefits are available immediately upon subscription.

Why we prefer a website to social media


All of Ayzoh!’s work revolves around the value of the relationships we create and maintain over time: therefore, whenever possible, we prefer to establish direct, authentic and personal contact with those who follow our work. We believe that of all the options available, a newsletter is still the tool that comes closest to this approach.

We know, perhaps we could make better use of social networks for this purpose, but we have never been seduced by them and have never put them at the center of our relationships. What’s more, we are keen to defend our autonomy of thought and action and to maintain control over the content we publish, also in order to protect the dignity of the people portrayed in our photos.

That’s why, instead of using resources and energy to play in someone else’s “playground”, we preferred to create our own “drum”, the one that “when it’s evening, calls all the tribes to unity…”. In this way, no one is the keeper of the conversations that take place between you and us.

You can subscribe with confidence


Don’t worry: we’re not the kind of marketers who push their “wares” or shout their “hustle and grind” messages every five minutes.

We protect your privacy and your inbox: no spam, no annoying ads, no boring marketing strategies, no “limited time” offers. We will never treat you as an “eyeball” for ads or clicks to be counted. And, of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Your presence helps us protect the things and values we hold most dear. You deserve all of our gratitude for choosing to join our community.