Upcycled Design Lab

Ayzoh Upcycled Design Lab is an intensive course — held by our designer Elisa Amati — in which participants learn to create a complete line of bags, backpacks, and accessories through the use of recycled materials assembled together with fabrics of the local tradition.

What you will learn.

The course deals with the whole process inherent to creating a fashion collection: concept, design, prototyping, and production, as well as making the necessary communication support for the promotion and sale of products.

During the course, the participants will acquire the design knowledge, manual skills, and techniques necessary to give life to their creativity and develop innovative, original projects, open to the global market, and express the cultural identity of the place where they are born.

1. Design and production:

Concept: exploring the goals to be achieved and the needs to be met.

Market analysis: the study of current trends, lines, colors, trends, etc.

Design: research locally available materials and create preliminary sketches to verify the feasibility of the product. At this stage, if possible, computer rendering programs (Adobe Illustrator) will also be used.

Modeling: the creation of the pattern of the designed product.

Prototyping: construction of a raw product to verify the yield of the materials, the robustness, the practical use, and to make the necessary modifications to the initial project.

Production: construction of the finished product ready for sale.

2. Marketing and communication:

Branding: choice of the name and graphic identity of the collection and the products that make it up. Logo design.

Photography and video: creating images – with a documentary style – that tell the story of the product, the people who contributed to its birth, and the community that provides the cultural values ​​that the product wants to express.

Editorial design: creating communication and promotion media for the collection (web and/or print and/or video).

3. Spread the voice and sell.

We examine the pro and cons of the most suitable communication and distribution channels for an independent and low-budget fashion project that needs to reach a broader market, nationally or internationally.

Tailored to the real needs of your organization.

The workshop is fully customizable and is structured to offer practical solutions to the organization’s actual needs. It is, in fact, possible to combine the didactic part with the realization of a finished project that has a concrete use for the organization itself.

The workshop is held in the places where the organization operates or in a location indicated by it. That’s why each workshop is unique and must be organized in close collaboration with the organization and the people involved.

For these reasons, all agreements must be made at least three months in advance. For more information, please write to [email protected] or use the form below.

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