Photo editing and publishing for the Vadoinafrica community

Know. Connect. Create. These are the three words at the base of Vadoinafrica, the largest Italian-speaking community of entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers, and artists who work with the African continent. Within Vadoinafrica, every day, information, ideas, projects, experiences, and valuable contacts are shared.

Why we support the Vadoinafrica community.

Ayzoh!, ever since Vadoinafrica has taken its first steps, has supported the project, recognizing its visionary spirit. We have now decided to extend this collaboration by sharing what we have learned from years of fieldwork with Vadoinafrica’s community members.

Hence, three courses are offered under special conditions to all members. They are designed for those who want to extend their visual storytelling and/or editorial design skills to support their business, cultural or social projects.

Why these courses can add value to your projects with the African continent.

Each course is organized and structured based on your actual needs. In practice, we work on a concrete project, from the initial concept to the final realization.

Everything is personalized: at the end of the course, in fact, you will have created a highly professional tool ― your tool ― ready to be shared with its target audience to achieve the set objectives.

Furthermore, having participated actively in its development, from A to Z, you will have the means to understand the mechanisms behind similar projects. This will offer you greater awareness to hold the reins of your communication: you will no longer have to depend on others to support your current or future projects.

1. Web design.

The course is dedicated to those who ― even if they do not have large budgets ― want to invest in their future by creating a site consistent with their mission, elegant, fast, usable, and, above all, effective in achieving the set objectives.

Problem. Today hardly anyone can fail to have an online presence. Unfortunately, driven by this need ― most of the time combined with the need to spend as little as possible ― bad choices are often made using free but closed platforms, giving the keys to their communication to agencies that are nothing more than digital “assembly lines” or, worse, relying on amateur or improvised designers.

Solution. Using WordPress and mastering its potential. Thanks to this course, using this platform, in addition to learning how to create a site ― your site ― beautiful, functional, manageable, and expandable without limits: you will learn to make the right choices from the beginning, to anticipate the problems that will come and find the most straightforward solutions to solve them. Basically, you will learn everything it takes to stay in complete control of your online presence without depending on anyone.

2. Editorial design.

This course was born from Ayzoh’s experience in editorial design: over the years, we have contributed to the creation of 200+ publications printed and distributed (overall) in millions of copies worldwide.

Modern communication mainly travels through the internet. However, sometimes it is necessary and advisable to go back to the roots. We have learned that ― despite the undoubted advantages that the web offers in terms of speed, ease, and cost ― even today, nothing beats a traditional quality publication when it comes to creating something unique, totally ours, and destined to last over time while keeping safe memories.

Not only. We have also learned that an “analog” publication is unbeatable even when we have to “impress” to present ideas, reports, or projects.

Through this course, you will then learn the entire process required to create ― using Adobe InDesign software ― the best possible publication to give your company, organization, or personal initiative light. This publication can be a photographic book, a report, or a sophisticated brochure ready for print and digital distribution.

3. Photo editing.

This course is dedicated to professional or not, want to learn how to tell a story through images. Stories are an integral part of human culture. Storytelling is, therefore, timeless art that requires study, technique, and heart.

As Leo Tolstoy said, a good story should be contagious, capable of “infecting” the viewer with the feelings we have lived, so that other people are infected in turn by these experiences and pass them on.

Few people understand the massive difference between taking some “beautiful” photographs ― which is very easy with modern cameras ― and creating a photographic story that is “contagious” and useful for our project and consistent with the message that we want to convey.

During this course, you will therefore learn how to create a photographic story that respects those canons. This includes the post-production of the photographs ― using Capture One or Adobe Lightroom software ― the choice of images, their sequence, the inclusion of any captions, and, finally, the publication on the web in a similar long-form story format, for example, to those you see on the New York Times website.

How does it work?

Each course is highly personalized based on your experience ― technical and/or IT and/or photographic and/or graphics ― and your project’s objectives. This is why we do not offer a program that is the same for everyone: further details on the chosen course will be given during our first telephone conversation (or via Skype).

Identify your goal. Think about your project and think what could be the best way to exploit this opportunity offered by vadoinafrica and Ayzoh!

Book a free session. Write to [email protected] or use the form below to book a telephone conversation. We will discuss your project and identify the best solution for your needs.

Development of the program that best suits your needs. Once you have chosen the most suitable course for you, we will offer you a schedule and timing that suits your skills and real needs.

Course development. Using monitor sharing, we will develop the project together, from start to finish. We will explain to you the reason for every single choice and operation. We will also help you make the most of any information in your possession (texts, photographs, illustrations, etc.) to obtain the best possible result.

Publication of the project. Using monitor sharing, we will develop the project together, from start to finish. We will explain to you the reason for every single choice and operation. We will also help you make the most of any information in your possession (texts, photographs, illustrations, etc.) to obtain the best possible result.

Subsequent assistance. After your project is published at the end of the course, we will not leave you alone. You can still contact us to ask for advice or suggestions for any changes or expansions.

What you need to participate.

  • Membership of the vadoinafrica community (to take advantage of these very favorable conditions).
  • A reasonably clear idea of ​​the goals you intend to achieve.
  • What is necessary for the execution of your project (texts, images, logos, etc.).
  • A fast internet connection.
  • A reasonably performing computer (no matter if Windows or Mac).
  • The software you need, listed in the information above (if you don’t have them, is available as free demos).

Further details, as explained here, will be given based on the chosen course and the project you intend to develop.


What kind of projects are the courses suitable for?
There are no foreclosures. Since your project – social, cultural, entrepreneurial, or journalistic – respects the Ayzoh! Code of ethics, we will adapt to it by helping you to develop the language and form that best suits its type.

In which language are the courses held?
We can hold or courses in Italian or English. You decide.

Who provides the contents (texts, images, graphics, etc.)?
Since you are working on your project, the contents (texts, images, graphics, etc.) must be provided by you. Obviously, during the course, we will assist you in improving and expanding them (or cut them …) if necessary.

Web Design: how big can your site be?
The purpose of the web design course is to make you independent in managing your communication. For this, you will learn how to build the institutional pages that every project should have, the blog with two / three articles, and, if necessary, even a shop with two / three products or services. After this, you will be self-sufficient to expand your site virtually without limits.

Web design: I don’t have a domain. Can I get it through Ayzoh!?
Choosing a domain is one of the most essential steps for your online communication. If you don’t already have it, we will assist you in selecting the most suitable name and registering it.

Web design: do I need to rent server space for my site?
No, if you don’t already have it. Your new site can be placed, at no additional cost, on Ayzoh’s servers in Atlanta, USA. Then, to ensure its speed anywhere globally, data will be sent through a cloud system. Of course, in the future, if you want, you can move it elsewhere.

Photo-editing: I am not a professional photographer; can I participate?
Sure! It is not essential to be professional or not: the important thing is to build a conscious, coherent, and impactful visual story for the goal you intend to pursue. Nobody will judge your photographs, but we can advise you on how to improve your technique if requested.

Book a free session to discuss your project.

Write to [email protected] or use the form below to book a phone or Skype conversation. We will discuss your project and identify the best solution for your needs.

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