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New workshops and travels will be launched on September 25.

Travel with us

Ayzoh!’s travels are designed for all those who wish to learn the process required for catching the spirit of a place and a community...

Learn with Ayzoh!

Our workshops are designed to meet the needs of those involved in humanitarian and social communication projects...

Exhibitions for hire

For promoting cultural transmigration and creative encounters, Ayzoh offers multimedia exhibitions for hire...


Four reasons why you should purchase our services and products:

1. Because they are beautiful! What makes a product great? The ideas. The photography. The writing. The design. The utility.Sure. But more importantly, a product’s worth depends on how it catches the customers’ glances and hearts. We promise it; all our products will capture your heart.

2. Because, by choosing to purchase any product from Ayzoh! you become a micro-social impact investor; your contribution goes to finance, support, and develop projects designed to impact the involved communities positively.

3. Because managing all this takes money and skilled people: if you like us and what we do, purchasing our products is an easy way to indirectly support the social projects. This helps us stay independent and not beholden to any conglomerate, person, company, charity, or foundation.

4. Because you will be part of a community of dauntless dreamers & doers. You know, it isn’t about toughing it out, being stoic, or doing it alone; much of our fortitude comes from the quality of our relationships. That is the most important thing for learning from each other and gaining support when we need it.

What is Ayzoh! World

Ayzoh! World is a global platform that tells and connects the stories of people who — worldwide — build a genuine sense of community through arts, culture, education, sciences, technology, activism, and entrepreneurship.

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This is our monthly newsletter and quarterly magazine: it is our primary channel to stay in touch with the community of travelers, photographers, customers, collectors, organizations, and friends who want to be part of the Ayzoh! World project.

About Ayzoh!

Ayzoh! is a media organization that works alongside those who aim to create unity and not division, cooperation and not competition, dialogue and not argument, diversity and not homologation, innovation and not status quo.

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