Ayzoh! and Adimasu Travel in Ethiopia

The collaboration between Ayzoh! and Adimasu Travel ― our historic partner for reporting and documentary logistics in Ethiopia ― becomes even tighter.In addition to taking care of Adimasu Travel’s photography, publications, and online communication, Ayzoh! is the primary contact for Italy for all the travel and/or photographic workshops Adimasu Travel offers in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

We chose Adimasu Travel for the particularities that distinguish it from other tour operators: it was founded by a native of the Omo Valley ― Adimasu Gebeyehu Genebo ― he has a natural and deep knowledge of all the places where he operates, uses only local staff (60% women), offers truly responsible and inclusive tourism, has a very close relationship with all the small communities with which it collaborates, redistributes resources locally.

Together with the Ayzoh team! collaborated with: Daggy J. Ali, Paolo Candelo, Trevor Cole, Tim Draper, Ben Hogarth, Steph Haunt, Joakim Larsen, Marc Sreglat, Roland Strieker, Mulugeta Wolde, and the staff of Adimasu Travel.


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